BaubleBar: Creative Approach and Shooting Script (First Draft Style).

Creative Approach:

The 60-second spot will be ideal for web and TV viewing. It will showcase the monotonous life of a young professional named Jane. A hard worker, Jane is constantly being ignored at work because she is lacks the confidence in her appearance to get noticed. The spot will profile a typical Monday and show how no one in Jane’s daily routine seems to notice her — it’s as if she is invisible to the world. Then, during lunch all her coworkers go out without her — like they do everyday — and lonely Jane seems destined to eat her lunch all alone at her desk. Just then, a mysterious email appears in her work inbox. She clicks on it and POOF! Three SWAT team stylists arrive in her cube amongst a cloud of glittery smoke. The “Stylish SWAT Sisters” magically bedazzle Jane in fashionable jewelry so she is plain no more. When her coworkers get back from lunch, a few stop to compliment Jane on her baubles. For the rest of the spot, Jane walks around the office with confidence in her new-found chic and affordable look, turning heads and getting noticed.


Shooting Script for the 60-second BaubleBar spot, Colorful Confidence.


  Video Audio
1.       Black & White (B&W) Wide Shot (WS): Dark bedroom with alarm clock flashing 6:00. “Jane” is in bed with an eye mask at an angle so it’s only covering one eye. She hits the alarm clock to turn it off and struggles to get out of the tangled sheets.


Alarm buzzing to start scene.

Jane (groaning): Monday, again?


2.       B&W WS: A disheveled Jane running down a somewhat busy city street flailing arms trying to catch a bus. The bus doesn’t wait for her and drives off. She misses it by only a second.


Sounds of diesel bus pulling up to and driving off from a stop.

Jane (yelling frantically): Wait, I’m right here! Wait!

3.       B&W Medium Shot (MS): A tired, wind-blown and even more disheveled Jane walks into an office building and scurries to an elevator full of her coworkers. She waves “hi” and frantically hustles to the elevator door only to have no one hold it for her and the doors close in front of her — as if no one even saw her.


Elevator ding and noise of elevator doors opening, followed by office noises — phones, people whisper talking, printers, etc.


4.       B&W Close Up of wall clock striking noon. Sounds of ticking clock.
5.       B&W WS: Jane stands up from her desk and steps out of her cube, looking around the suddenly empty and desolate office. See looks over by the elevator to see all her coworkers onboard, going to lunch without her. Sound of elevator doors followed by crickets.

Jane: Anyone want to go eat lunch…


6.       B&W CU: Jane grabs a paper lunch bag out of her work bag on the floor under her desk and plops it near the keyboard. She sits down in a defeated manner and gets back to work on her desktop computer. Audible sigh from Jane. Crinkling of paper lunch bag followed by typing.

Jane: Typical. Why would today be any different? Guess it’s a working lunch for me… again.


7.       CU of computer screen from Jane’s POV. She gets an email sent to her work account with a subject line reading “Jane, feeling invisible?” Mouse arrow clicks to open email and POOF! A huge puff of smoke with colorful glitter fills Jane’s cubicle. Everything is black and white except for the glitter in the smoke.


Mouse click noise. Popping noise and magical, bling sounds (chimes).
8.       WS of Jane’s cube. She is sitting, back facing her computer, with mouth open, astounded expression on her face. Three gorgeously accessorized ladies dressed in black, white, hot pink and yellow (BaubleBar’s main colors) with SWAT printed on their shirts. Aside from the colors on the ladies, everything else in the shot is still black and white.


Fading magical bling (chime-like) noises.

Jane: “Who are you?”


9.       CU of SWAT Sister 1. SWAT Sister 1: We’re your Fairy SWAT Sisters.


10.    CU of SWAT Sister 2. SWAT Sister 2: @: That’s Service With Accessorizing Talent.
11.     CU of SWAT Sister 3. SWAT Sister 3: And we’re here to…

All three in unison (with excitement): BAUBLE YOU UP!


12.    Jane spins in chair and emerges in vibrant colors, glowing with beauty from her statement baubles. Full color is now used. SWAT Sister 1 whips out a mirror to reveal the new, confident Jane, to Jane. Jane touches necklace, earrings, bracelet in excitement and awe.


Jane (in awe of quality of her new bling — she’s touching it): But I don’t make enough money to accessorize with quality pieces like this!

SWAT Sister 1: Think again! This is affordable bling from BaubleBar!
Jane: But it’s so shiny, stylish and well made!

SWAT Sister 3 (in a happy sing-song tone): Don’t forget unique!
SWAT Sister 2:
Trust us, Jane; the only thing you can’t afford here is to be ignored.


13.    In another poof of glittery smoke, the SWAT Sisters are gone. Jane is left in her cube, bejeweled in style.


Popping sounds and magical bling (chime-like) noises.
14.    People start coming back from lunch. They say “hi” to Jane and stop by her cube to compliment her on her baubles.


Coworker 1: Hi, Jane. Cute necklace!

Coworker 2: I LOVE those earrings!


15.    Later that day, Jane grabs some files to deliver to a department on another floor and heads towards the elevator. The door begins to close but someone inside catches a gleam from Jane’s gorgeous bling and stops them from closing. Inside the elevator are several other coworkers, both male and female. Jane hears them whispering in the back of the elevator, stands up tall and smirks to herself.


Coworker 1(whispering): Who’s the new girl?

Coworker 2 (whispering): She’s not new, that’s Plain Jane from accounting.

Coworker 1(whispering): There’s certainly nothing plain about her…


16.    CU of Jane in the front of the elevator, facing out. The man to her right, in front of the buttons asks her a question.


Coworker 3 (regular voice, to Jane): Going up?

Jane (smirking): You bet I am!


17.    CU of silver elevator doors closing. in big hot pink letters appears on them.


Voiceover: A statement you can afford to make. Get styled by our SWAT Team today at


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