BaubleBar: Case of the Mondays TV Ad

Here’s the final draft of my shooting script for BaubleBar. I took it in a similar-but-different direction from last week. What do you think?

Video Audio
1. Wide Shot (WS) to Medium Shot (MS) to Close Up (CU): Start with a wide shot (as if looking through a surveillance telescope lens) of the outside of apartment building. Then zoom in to a medium shot of a bedroom window on the 12th floor. Finally, a close-up inside the window to show a girl sleeping with an eye mask on. Alarm sounds. Girl smacks the snooze button, groaning, rolls over and puts her pillow over her head. She then drifts back to sleep. Sounds of birds chirping at dawn. Annoying buzzing of alarm clock followed by a loud slap.

Girl [Mumbles while she is half asleep]: “Ugh, Monday, I hate you. Is it Friday yet?”


Light snoring sounds.

2. MS: SWAT team comes busting through the bedroom door. The SWAT team is a group of three women dress in stylish black leather outfits and bejeweled with trendy baubles. They all have shiny shields that Say SWAT: Service With Accessorizing Talent on them in hot pink letters.

CU of Girl from the SWAT teams point of view (POV). The girl is startled and screaming with messy bed-head hair and an eye mask half on her face. She can only see out of one eye because the mask is covering the other.

CU of the SWAT team from the girl’s POV. All three agents are looking startled, screaming.

Girl [startled from sound sleep] screams.


The SWAT team screams because they are startled by the girl’s scream.

3. CU of SWAT Agent 1 SWAT Agent 1: Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays. Cuff her!
4. Medium shot of SWAT Agent 2 and SWAT Agent 3 running to the bed where the girl is sitting, half tucked in. SWAT Agent 2 is standing by the girl’s left, alongside the bed. SWAT Agent 3 is standing by the girl’s right, alongside of the bed. Both agents put down their shields and reach over at the same time, grab the girl’s arms and swiftly place beautiful jewelry cuffs on her wrists. They are shiny and sparkle in the darkish room.

Girl looks confused.

Sounds of feet scurrying.
5. CU of girl looking confused while admiring her wrist attire. Girl: Who are you? What’s going on?
6. WS of all three SWAT Agents and the girl. SWAT Agent 1 comes walking over to SWAT Agent 2, who is still standing on the girl’s left, alongside the bed. SWAT Agent 3 is still on the right. SWAT Agent 2: We’re from BaubleBar’s Service With Accessorizing Talent and we’re here to…

All three SWAT Agents [singing in unison]: GLAM YOU UP!

7. CU of SWAT Agent 3, picking up her shield and flips it around to reveal a collection of beautiful, colorful necklaces, shiny bracelets and sparkling earrings. SWAT Agent 3: You see you should always dress for the day you want to have. Monday might not be as exciting as Friday, but that’s an easy fix. Just spice-up your look with some unique baubles and BOOM – you’ve added flair to any day of the week!
8. CU of girl looking dejected. Girl: But I can’t afford to add that kind of flair to my wardrobe!
9. CU of SWAT Agent 1, who has also turned her shield around to reveal a collection of beautiful baubles. SWAT Agent 1: Nonsense. Don’t let the high shine and quality craftsmanship fool you — most pieces are $50 or less. Shipping is free, too!
10. WS: Girl looking at all the SWAT Agents and their bling-yielding shields in a trance-like awe. SWAT Agent 2: Remember, accessorizing is all about expressing who YOU are and want to be. Don’t let the day make you, make your day!

SWAT Agent 3: And your bed.

11. Fade to black screen. Come into a blurred MS of bedroom to focus on girl asleep in the bed. She wakes due to the alarm and jolts straight up in bed. She looks around the room. She is alone and confused. Girl [whispering to herself]: It was just a dream…
12. WS of bedroom. It is getting lighter in the room as the sun is rising. Girl removes the covers and gets out of bed, almost stepping on a bright pink box on the floor. She picks up the box and opens it revealing the gorgeous wrist cuffs from the dream. Girl smiles and takes them out of the box. Girl [smirking to herself and looking at the bracelets]: Today is going to be a great Monday.
13. Black screen with the words BaubleBar and in hot pink letters. Voiceover: BaubleBar. Define your look; define your day.


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